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I started out by practicing in my parents’ basement after school and during any free time I had. I spent many long nights practicing, playing, and creating music. My passion was cemented together through a love of music, performing in talent shows and local clubs. After covering various genres of music, I became a studio musician playing guitar on tracks for other artists. It was then when I began to focus on my own recordings, which led to four albums; the fifth to be released in 2019



Music is the ultimate form of emotional expression next to human physical touch! Music penetrates social, economical and ethnicity through universal language. It is that universal language, or energy that inspires me. As as well as the spiritual and emotional fulfillment it provides.



My music blends Jazz, R&B, Rock with acoustic, and electronic flavors to create a unique sound. The Influences of #Miles Davis, #Jimi Hendrix, #Carlos Santana, and the multitude of Jazz, Rock, R&B, Soul, and Gospel greats form my musical perspective.

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